Dialogue on Dewan Huguan Siou issue is a tame affair
Published on: Monday, July 22, 2019
By: Oswald Supi
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PENAMPANG: A dialogue held to discuss the proposed take-over of Tuavon Dewan Huguan Siou by Kadazan Society Sabah (KSS), Sunday, turned out to be a tame affair.

Chaired by Village Chief Oswin Mojiun, it was attended by the chairman of MPKK (Majlis Pengurusan Komuniti Kampung), a councillor and a member of KSS who are all residing in Kg Tuavon.

The most pertinent question from the floor was, why is the Council which collects RM20 million tax per year can’t even find funds to maintain the Dewan and, instead, proposed to hand over to an NGO?  

The councillor, however, said the proposal has not been approved yet.

Meanwhile, the KSS member said the Dewan’s land and building will be upgraded and would still be the property of the Kadazan people.

However, the majority present voted to reject the bid by KSS and agreed to form a committee to look into the future of the building.

They said a committee was once formed to erect the building, hence there is no reason why another be formed if the Council is unwilling to be responsible, pointing to the old committee names on the wall.

Later, the Village Chief said a dialogue should always be carried out to solve any problem and regretted that others had carried out a protest even though it was peaceful and lasted only minutes.

On Saturday, some 100 residents of Kg Tuavon staged a protest in front of the Dewan claiming they got wind of a “secret application” by KSS to take control of the premises. 

The ownership of the Dewan is currently vested with the District Council.



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