No water meter tampering at Beverly Hills Phase 1: Management
Published on: Thursday, August 08, 2019

 THE management of the Beverly Hills Apartment at Phase 1 in Bundusan, Penampang, found none of their residents had tampered their respective water meters to get free treated water. 


A concerned member of the public approached Hotline on Aug 2, who noticed an additional pipe was fitted before a water meter at the ground floor of one of the building blocks.    

The latter also claimed the pipe connection was done shoddily to the point that precious treated water was continuously leaking from the pipe joint and created a pool of water on the pavement.  

A spokesman from the apartment management told Hotline on Aug 7, that there was no such case after they carried out a thorough check on all the water meters servicing some 824 units at Phase 1, recently. 

“All the pipes are fitted according to law,” he said, adding that it would not tolerate water theft in the neighbourhood. 

JAS, the complainant, he urged the relevant authority to put a stop to such matter soon as possible as it would encourage other residents there to follow suit.  

“Stealing water can never be accepted because it is unfair to those who are paying their bills and those who have their supply disconnected for not being able to settle their outstanding bills due to financial constraint.

“We work hard to enable us to pay all our bills on time but this errant people who preferred to steal water have it easy,” he added.    (OV)


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