Trees on S’kan stretch pruned
Published on: Friday, August 09, 2019

% THE Public Works Department (PWD) has attended to the trees along Jalan Cecily, in Sandakan, following a motorist’s concern about the safety hazards posed by overgrown greenery on the roadside. 

Given the strong winds and heavy rains which the district has been experiencing of late, the individual feared that the trees could collapse, endangering road users.

A PWD spokesman said action was taken to address this problem as the stretch was under the agency’s jurisdiction.

“Our concessionaire, worked together with the Municipal Council, to trim the branches on a recent Saturday,” he said on Aug 7.

“A dead tree was also removed from the verge at one section of the road.”

He said there was no fixed scheduled for maintaining the greenery along the stretch.

“Nevertheless, the trees are pruned once the branches begin to touch the tops of vehicles which use the road.

“Any fallen trees are also dealt with as soon as possible.”

The spokesman advised drivers to contact the Department about any irregularities involving the greenery on the roadside so that action could be promptly taken to deal with such problems.

ETWIN of Sandakan said the branches of the trees were almost touching the surface of the road.

“Strong winds might cause them to snap and they could fall on top of the vehicles passing below or overhead cables in the vicinity,” he said. 

He said there was a fallen tree at one section of the road which was a traffic obstruction.

“The trunk has been at this bend in the road for some time. It has partly encroached on the stretch, so drivers have to swerve around it.

“Those who are unaware of the presence of the fallen tree risk being hit from behind as they slow to avoid running into it.

Etwin hoped the relevant authorities would to deal with the trees before anyone came to harm.  

The motorist provided Hotline with the location of the overgrown trees. This information was initially forwarded to the Council.

A Council spokesman said the agency was helpless to intervene as the road was outside its jurisdiction.

“A check of the Council’s records revealed that the stretch was not listed in our road register,” he said.

“We have since alerted the PWD about the driver’s concerns.” (SS)


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