House owner still awaiting overgrown trees to be cut
Published on: Saturday, August 10, 2019
By: Oliver Voon

Gudon View of some of the trees that have overgrown into the complainant’s house.
A homeowner in Taman Utara Gudon in Manggatal is still awaiting action by a private landowner to cut down all the overgrown trees overlooking the housing estate from the adjacent piece of land.

It is learnt that City Hall’s Cleanliness and Environmental Health Department stepped in to trace the owner of the land in May but so far the trees still remain standing so close to their perimeter fencing.  

The agency concerned was initially notified about the need to cut down several huge trees that posed a direct threat to a house structure at Lorong 2 in that part of Sepanggar but there was little they could do as the property was not a government reserved land.   

The homeowner approached Hotline not too long ago to voice out his concerns that the trees might cause substantial damage to the roofing and other parts of his house should the branches expanded further. 

A City Hall spokesman assured that it would check with their staff at the relevant section on whether the landowner had been served with a notice. 

“The landowner will be asked to clear the trees within a period of time which it deemed suitable. 


The overgrown trees also affected the neighbourhood house.

“We will give him or her time to act on it because handling such matter is not an easy task and is not cheap,” he added. 

He, however, said it would bill the overall cost to bring down all the trees that pose a threat to the houses in that neighbourhood should the latter ignored its preliminary warnings. 

“We will take charge to remove the trees at the expense of the landowner which it will be absorb into his or her assessment account,” he added.  

He hoped the landowner would come forward and deal with the matter soon as possible. 

“What if more than one leafy limbs break and hit the roof during a storm?,” asked MATJAYA, who feared having to spend exorbitantly in repair cost. 

Asked whether the trees grew tall on his own house compound or his immediate neighbour, he replied these trees grew just outside his backyard’s perimeter fencing. 

“Their branches never been pruned as far as I’m concerned because most of them are overlooking my property,” he added. 

He however said the trees at other parts of the same land had been pruned recently.

“We want a similar action to be carried out in our side of the neighbourhood,” he added.  (OV)



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