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Published on: Sunday, August 11, 2019
By: Larry Ralon
Sponsored by: Morefun
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Yong (centre), Yau (left) and Ng showing their MOREFUN app.
Kota Kinabalu: A Sabahan trio have developed a lifestyle and information service provider platform beneficial for food and groceries shopping, short and long-distance delivery, runner service and restaurant reservations.

Called MOREFUN, it was founded by Yong Jing Hwa, 32, who operates an IT solution business, with co-founders, Jaclyn Yau, 29, and Victor Ng, 39. It is a direct translation to English of Hakka or Cantonese words for “no worry,” which is basically the main idea behind this app.

“We started out as an information service provider platform which is like e-Yellow Pages in November 2017. It was something very new in KK City and not many have the knowledge or the habit of using mobile app to acquire information and services.

“We hope by introducing the technology to the public, it provides a digitised lifestyle and the convenience that comes with it for the public to enjoy,” said Yong.

They took approximately a year to introduce MOREFUN and its services to the public and they hope people in Sabah support this home-grown app because it is designed to cater to the local market. MOREFUN expanded to several cities such as Sandakan, Tawau, Miri, Kuching, Labuan, Keningau, and Malacca last year. 

“We are confident we will be able to bring more services such as our upcoming Runner service, which covers longer range delivery and users can have their items delivered from one destination to another; Group-Buy service that allows users to purchase a promotion set or a certain quantity of items at a lower rate; and Reservation service that allows users to make restaurant reservations and appointments at places such as massage parlour, beauty centre and saloons, etc.”


For food delivery, users are able to order for themselves or order on behalf of others and get it delivered to them. 

“For example, if you are away from home and you won’t be able to be home on time to cook for your family, our app allows you to place order and have the order sent to your family. We believe in sharing the joy with others too,” she said. MOREFUN accepts payment in cash on delivery and online.

It is currently the first and only app that integrates several services on one app platform and the team is proud it is the first in Sabah. 

“We want to cater a more holistic service to the public and we are very excited that it is happening at the tip of your fingers.” 

It has more than 200,000 subscribers in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan, and over 2,500 merchants inclusive of F&B and the number is expanding. 

On the company’s future, Yau said they have plans to provide a digitised ticketing system that would act as a convenient medium for tourists to purchase bus and ferry tickets on a mobile app prior to or during their visit to Sabah. 

It serves as an alternative to supplement the ticketing system. 


“Our city is a hotspot for tourists. They are attracted to this place and the beauty of the nature just as much as we do, and we really want to have them to learn more about Sabah, its histories and what it has to offer,” she said.

They would soon also have Power Bank Sharing service where users are able to rent power banks from the participating outlets to solve the hassle of carrying extra power banks from home. 

“Power banks have always been in demand and as 5G Internet is about to take place, the battery consumption is going to be high. This creates the dire need for more power supply. It would be a hassle to bring more power banks from home. Hence, the power bank sharing outlets that allow users to rent whenever they need and wherever they are at. 

“All they need is to use their handphone to scan the given QR code at an outlet, and they are able to obtain the power bank and simply just return it at any participating outlet,” he said. 


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