Whose job is it to maintain this?
Published on: Monday, August 12, 2019

The Public Works Department (PWD) will check on the condition of the drains at one section of Jalan Pengalat-Lok Kawi.

This follows a complaint from a Kinarut motorist’s about the stench coming from these structures. 

He said that the water spilled out of the drains during a downpour, flooding the road.

A PWD spokeswoman said its staff would have to verify this matter.

“We will have to determine whether the stretch is listed in our road register,” he said.

“If this is so, our concessionaire will be instructed to have the drains cleaned and de-sludged as soon as possible,” she said.

She said the Department would monitor the progress of this work to ensure that the drainage in the area was functioning as it should.

The spokeswoman said this problem would be forwarded to the relevant authority, if the road was not under the PWD’s maintenance.

ALI of Kinarut said the water had a tendency to overflow onto the road during the rainy season.

“I suspect that the run off and excess water is not being channelled away fast enough because the culvert and drains are blocked with mud and rubbish,” he said. 

“This has been going on for months. I suspect that these structures have not been maintained in some time.”

He said he occasionally saw grass-cutters tending to the verge on either side of the road.

“These workers, however, did not bother to have the drains cleared. If they can trim the grass why can’t they unclog the drains at the same time?” he wondered.

Ali said he had related his flood woes to the local authorities.

“So far, nothing has been done to resolve this problem,” he said. 

He provided Hotline with the location of the drains in question. This information was forwarded to the Department. (SS)


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