Hike in Labuan prawn price
Published on: Tuesday, August 13, 2019
By: Sohan Das
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LABUAN: The price of ordinary white prawns has soared to RM42 per kg putting the item beyond the financial capability of many families.

Chairman of Labuan Women’s Affairs Fauziah Datuk Din said: “The matter is of concern since we are surrounded by sea and over the years so much funds and efforts made to improve the breeding of marine life surrounding the island.

“With such a price, Labuan would hardly be seen as an attractive destination for sea-food delights.”

She said the Malaysian Fisheries Development Authority (LKIM) and the Ministry of Domestic and Consumers here should investigate and establish what caused the shocking escalation of prawn prices.

 “If no steps were taken, there was the danger that it would gradually lead to increased fish prices as well.

We are not sure whether the present phenomenon is temporary or due to manipulation of prices.”

A local resident, Kansan, who operated a seafood restaurant about 7 years ago said during his time the price of such prawn hovered between RM20 to RM24 and it never went below even there was a glut in supply.

Another small-time stall owner said prices of fish had also been on gradual increase such as Kerisis, Tenggiri, Bawal etc.


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