Penampang cops to boost community policy programme
Published on: Tuesday, August 13, 2019
By: Larry Ralon

PENAMPANG: The district police is boosting its community policing programme in an effort to reduce crime rate which has shown an increase this year, due to rapid development.

District Police Chief, DSP Mohd Haris Haji Ibrahim, said they want to get closer to dwellers through the programme so as to strengthen the existing relationship and collaboration.

“Fostering closer relationship with civilians, especially those residing in the district, is very important in our effort to prevent and solve crime. The information provided is vital in ensuring that we continue to enjoy peace and harmony in the district,” he said at the District Police’s Hari Raya Aidil Adha Celebration and Community Policing held at its headquarters, Monday.  

He said there has been an increase in crime rate in Penampang, which he considered as a negative effect of the rapid development in the district as it provide more rooms or opportunities for crimes to take place.    

“But this increase (in crime rate) was not due to any lacking on our part or that we did not do our job, but because we all know Penampang is a rapidly developing district. 

“Apart from that, Penampang is also bordering the State Capital. We get the spill-over from Kota Kinabalu. The population in this district has also exceeded 200,000 and there are more commercial centres and new housing estates coming up.

“All these contributed to the increase in crimes. So it is quite normal for Penampang to experience an increase in crimes, because there are more rooms or opportunities created for the criminals,” he said. 

Nevertheless, he assured that the district police will continue to ensure Penampang would remain safe for all and one way to do so is by boosting its community policing for them to get even closer to the people so that they can provide information easily to the police. 

“So that is why we are doing this community policing event as part of our crime prevention effort,” he said, while also thanking all elected representatives in Penampang, especially MP Datuk Darell Leiking, for their continued support to the police and the programme. 

Assistant Law and Native Affairs Minister and Kapayan Assemblywoman, Jannie Lasimbang, her colleague Assistant Law and Native Affairs Minister and Petagas Assemblyman, Datuk Uda Sulai, and Leiking’s Political Secretary, Pritchard Gumbaris, among others, were also present. 

Lasimbang, in her speech, applauded the district police and hope they will continue doing the community policing activity, including at the village-level so can effectively instil awareness among all people in the district on the importance of working with the police to maintain peace and harmony. 

This way more people will be aware of their role to report on any suspected crime activity and extend their collaboration to the police to ensure peace and harmony in their respective area, she said.

Lasimbang, accompanied by the other VIPs, also distributed shares of Qurban meat to the underprivileged people during the event, which was attended by over 400 people. 


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