Cable theft to blame, says Telekom
Published on: Tuesday, August 13, 2019

 Cable theft was to blame for the telecommunication problems an Inanam shop.

The phone and fax for the establishment were out of order for more than two weeks recently.

A Telekom Malaysia (TM) Bhd spokeswoman said a check revealed that a section of the cable servicing the shop and several other subscribers along Jalan Minintod- Bantayan went missing.

“A police report has been made about the theft and our technicians have since replaced the missing overhead line,” he said.

“The customer’s service was restored shortly after we became aware of the problem.”

She said its staff had been in touch with the subscriber who confirmed that the phone and fax lines for the shop were working as it should.

The spokeswoman apologised, on behalf of the company, for the inconvenience caused to the affected subscribers.

WATI, an employee at the shop, which sells industrial equipment, has expressed her dissatisfaction with TM over the telecommunication problems at the premises.

“No dial tone is audible when the receivers are picked up,” she said.

“I tried dialling the numbers from my handphone and found that I could not get through to both lines.”

She said the loss of the phone and fax services had cost her employer a substantial amount of business.

“Many of our customers have gone elsewhere to make their purchases because of their inability to call or fax the shop.”

Wati said she had wearied of having to contact TM’s 100 – Customer Assistance Service – about these problems.

“In July, when I first contacted ‘100’, the staff told me that my TM services would be restored after a few days but this did not happen.

“Later, I was assured that they would be in working order by the end of the week.”

By the beginning of August when she contacted Hotline, Wati said the office still had not regained the use of its phone and fax.

“I cannot understand how TM staff could have repeatedly failed to make good on their assurances.” 

She hoped TM would consider giving him a rebate, in lieu of all the potential business her employer had lost. 

The spokeswoman said TM would consider giving the subscriber a rebate on the charges incurred while the shop’s telecommunication services was out of order.

“Should we decide to proceed, the subscriber’s account will be accordingly adjusted,” she said. 

“This will be reflected in an upcoming bill.” (SS)


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