Paying for terminated broadband
Published on: Wednesday, August 14, 2019

 A PENAMPANG resident is puzzled as to why her maxis broadband internet subscription with one of the communication service provider remains “active” despite having officially terminated the service in two separate occasions recently. 

“I have unsubscribed the service at their office in Warisan Plaza and even paid a sum of money as final payment for my monthly bill but I was shocked when the broadband apparently still useable after that. 

“I paid another sum when I approached their counterstaff at their branch office in Suria Sabah over the same intention of closing my account and the staff confirmed that my subscription has ended after the payment but to my surprise, it still active,” said MAUREEN, the subscriber. 

On top of that, she said she did not receive acknowledgement on both payment she made via text messages.

“Normally they will send notification to my hand phone whenever I pay to them but ironically they didn’t do that on both occasions,” she added, who demanded explanation as to why the service line is still active despite paying more than RM400.  

She wondered whether both staff whom she dealt with on that two separate days were inefficient in delivering their task. 

“Or is it their way of unethically earning money from customers who may not check. Where in this case, money was paid but no evidence provided,” she added. 

Another thing that is puzzling is the fact that none of the staff at both branches could verify the two payments she had made earlier in their system. 

“I find it ironic that they couldn’t trace my earlier payment including my request to unsubscribe the service,” she added. 

A spokesman for the telecommunication company in Kuala Lumpur apologised to Maureen for the inconvenience caused to her during the time she encountered such problem. 

“Allow us to check on the matter and we will revert to her with an explanation,” he added. 

Hotline provided the complainant’s details to the firm for their perusal. 

The outcome would be submitted to Hotline soon as possible.  (OV)


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