Public told not to make firemens’ task difficult
Published on: Thursday, August 15, 2019
By: R Gonzales

TUARAN: The public are advised to cooperate in providing fire and rescue teams’ access to the site and to be able to choose a strategic position in the event of fire.

The advice came from Tuaran Fire and Rescue Station Chief, Abdul Qawie Abdul Gapar, following the 4.45pm fire which razed a retail shop on a two-storey shop block in Pekan Tamparuli, here, Tuesday. 

He said as soon as they received the 4.50pm distress call, the team, comprising two fire engines manned by eight firefighters rushed to the scene some 10 kilometres away. 

“However, as soon as the team entered the lane towards the shoplot, they were met with several cars and motorcycles parked in front of the premises.  

“To prevent from hitting any of the vehicles, the team had to slow down the fire engine some 10 metres from the location,” he said. 

According to Abdul Qawie, the actions of a group of civilians gathered in the middle of the road to take pictures also prevented the fire engine driver from choosing a strategic position to remove the hoses. 

“While instructing the public to step back and move a motorcycle, the fire engine driver also needed to make room for another fire engine that arrived, followed by an Emergency Medical Rescue Service (EMRS) utility vehicle and another fire engine from Lintas. 

“The team was also faced with low water pressure from the fire hydrant at a nearby primary school, luckily the team from Lintas came in time to put out the fire,” he said.  

Meanwhile, Daily Express’ on-site observation found a few people shouting ‘bomba lambat sampai’ (firefighters late to arrive), while a group of civilians crowded near an electrical cable that was cut off to take pictures and video recordings of the fire. 

Prior to the arrival of the fire and rescue team, a security guard from the nearby primary school was seen trying to help control traffic flow to facilitate firefighters’ access to the scene. 

However, some of the motorists were seen stopping their cars not far from the site before running towards the scene to get a closer look of the fire. 

The fire left the retail shop 90 per cent damaged. However firefighters managed to stop the fire from spreading to the rest of the block with operations ending about 8.10pm. 

In this regard, firefighters are asking for the cooperation of the public to help facilitate future firefighting operations. 



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