Kunak Tamu reverts to Sundays
Published on: Friday, August 23, 2019
By: Ibrahim Tabir
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KUNAK: The District Council during its full council meeting on Aug 6 among others had unanimously agreed that the tamu here will only be operating every Sunday as originally intended.

Its Executive Officer, Mohd Shoffian Mohd Said, said the Council is only acting as the implementing agency for the bylaw decided during the meeting. 

He was responding to public criticism in social media questioning why stall operators were prevented from doing business on Saturdays in the tamu market unlike previously. 

Shoffian said the Kunak tamu was meant to be opened every Sunday, but after the concessionaire was appointed to manage the market by the previous government a situation was created where traders took the opportunity to operate business on Saturday and continue on Sunday.

However, the original agreement related to payment by the concessionaire to the District Council was based on the original regulation that the tamu is only allowed to operate on Sunday. 

Nevertheless, Shoffian said the concessionaire had voiced out the grouses among the tamu traders who want it to operate twice weekly – on Saturday and Sunday.

“There is good in that proposal and the Council itself find that the concessionaire’s view can assist traders to get extra income as they can do business for a longer period,” he said. 

Shoffian said the council has explained options that need to be agreed upon by the concessionaire before they can allow traders to also do business at the tamu market on Saturday, which is by increasing the amount to be paid to the Council.    

Before this, the concessionaire only paid RM2,500 per month to the council for operating the tamu on Sunday.

He said all parties including traders and public members need to understand the scope of duties of the council as the implementing agency because every action and regulations are not simply decided as it like.

“We acted according to existing regulations, and on behalf of the council I hope the public can understand this,” he said, adding those who have queries can forward it to the council instead of posting it in the social media that will only invite negative perception among the community.


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