B’fort schools alerted on fires
Published on: Sunday, August 25, 2019
By: Ahmad Apong
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BEAUFORT: Schools in the district are reminded to always abide by fire prevention measures and regulations to ensure the safety of their students and teachers. 

Beaufort Fire and Rescue Fire Station Chief, Mohammad Hasbollah Nenggok (inset photo), said they should also ensure each lane or passage is not obstructed by objects that could jeopardise safety of students and teachers in the event of a fire or emergency.

He also said the department will continue to conduct fire prevention talks. 

“The awareness level of schools in the district on fire hazards is satisfactory, based on inspections conducted by the department on all schools. 

“We will continue to follow up and ensure all the necessary measures are in place at the schools such as having enough fire extinguishers,” he said, adding that there are 40 schools in the district, comprising 32 primary schools and eight secondary schools, in addition to four Tahfiz schools. 

“The schools have been alerted on fire safety and measures to be taken to save lives and responded well,” he said. 

Mohammad said in their talks, firefighters would teach how to fight a fire and provide demonstrations on how to use a fire extinguisher, turn off the gas stove and others, as well as ways to escape a fire. 

“We also showed and designated a special place for students and teachers to gather in the event of a fire in the school, and to make a list of names to call during the assembly,” he said. 

He said this will facilitate firefighters and the school to ensure that no students are left behind or caught in a fire. 

He said the four Tahfiz schools in the district are Darul Yatama Yacob Khan at Jalan Mawao Membakut, Sekolah Tahfiz Bingkul and one each at Kg Limbawang, about four kilometres from town. 

He said the Fire and Rescue Station will contact the other two Tahfiz schools in Limbawang and give talks, in addition of fire drills. 

“A fire drill is usually done without informing the students. Only a few teachers will be notified,” he said, adding that fire drill will normally be held at night. 

He also denied claims firefighters always arrived late to fight a fire. 

“Firefighters are prepared at all times to respond to an emergency,” he said. 


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