Papar apt  dweller  unhappy over unlit floor lights        
Published on: Friday, September 06, 2019
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A PAPAR apartment dweller has voiced her displeasure about the lack of illumination outside her second floor unit

JANINE said the staircase and corridor leading to her apartment had been shrouded in darkness for the past six months.

“The lack of illumination has left me ill at ease especially when I come home late at night,” she said.

She said she had reported this problem to the management company (MC) several times since she the ceiling lights in the common area had failed.

“The staff keep assuring me that these facilities will be attended to but, so far, the MC has failed to make good on this promise.

“At one stage, I was told to be patient as the firm did not have any stock of new light bulbs.”

She said a portion of the management fee she paid each month was used to maintain these facilities.

Janine felt it was unfair of the company to impose this fee for a service which was not forthcoming.

She provided Hotline with the location of her unit which was forwarded to the MC. 

A spokeswoman for the firm said the management would have to verify the tenant’s claims.

“Our staff will be asked to check on the condition of the lights in the staircase and corridor leading to the apartment in question,” she said.

“Any of these facilities which are inoperative will be promptly dealt with.” (SS)



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