Manggatal resident calls on city Hall to rid stray dogs
Published on: Saturday, September 07, 2019
By: Oliver Voon
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Photo Source: Pixabay
A MANGGATAL resident is urging City Hall to crackdown on stray dogs in the whole of Taman Fajar, particularly in Block G.  

The latter bemoaned the scores of rubbish in the common areas, especially in the children playground, parking bay and at stairwells of the neighbourhood. 

“These dogs kept messing up the rubbish bags that have been thrown inside the bins,” stressed NOR, the resident. 

“They rummaged through the contents of the plastic bags until bits and pieces scattered all over the place,” she said. She believes the canines came from the adjacent villages. 

She recalled several incidences of being charged by dogs while walking home after buying some groceries from a supermarket. 

“I had to drop the plastic bag which contained some frozen food on the road and ran home for fear of getting injured by them,” she said. 

She also remembered an incident involving her brother who nearly fell from his motorcycle after he tried to fend off some dogs. 

“Their presence is not only a threat to our safety but considered to be haram (prohibited) for Muslims,” she told Hotline recently. She hoped the relevant authority would run several inspections to rid the stray dogs.    

A City Hall spokeswoman assured that the complaint will be submitted to its staff at the relevant department soon as possible.

“Allow us to verify the problem first before taking any action,” she added. 

Hotline will follow up on the case again later.  (OV)


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