Tawau Council: Grass in public spaces cut
Published on: Saturday, September 07, 2019
By: Sidney Skinner
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The overgrown greenery in this Taman neighbourhood is an eyesore.
The Tawau Municipal Council has refuted a rate-payer’s claims about the lack of maintenance carried out on the verges and public spaces in Taman Hot Spring Jaya.

A spokesman for the agency said the grass in the neighbourhood was cut according to schedule.

“A check of our records revealed that this work was most recently carried out three months ago,” he said.

“However, if need be, we will step in to have the drains cleared even before routine maintenance is carried out.”

He said two concessionaires had been tasked with tending to the common areas with one responsible for Phase 1 while the other looks after Phase 2.

On a resident’s claims that long grass and overgrown greenery on the road shoulders in one part of the neighbourhood were an eye-sore, the spokesman advised the individual to provide the agency with the location of her home.

“We hope she will come forward to assist us in resolving this problem.”

The resident should contact Hotline to find out whom to see about this.

The spokesman explained that there was a drain reserve behind Taman Hot Spring Jaya which was outside the Council’s jurisdiction.

“Should this be the area which is unkempt, then we will alert the agency which maintains the reserve about the resident’s grievance,” he said.

SARA of Tawau said the public spaces around the neighbourhood looked unkempt as no action had been taken to trim the greenery, including the grass there in some time.

She claimed that the last time she saw the grass being cut was in July.

“The common areas are now covered with overgrown trees, plants and weeds,” she said.

She also voiced her concern that the verge might become a breeding ground for pests, including mosquitoes, snakes and lizards.

Sara feared that unscrupulous parties might take advantage of the poor condition of the common area to carry out misdeeds.

“This area creates a bad impression of the neighbourhood, especially in the eyes of those visiting the area for the first time. (SS)



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