Amanah: No  more fake  documents, can tax them
Published on: Sunday, September 08, 2019
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KOTA KINABALU: Parti Amanah Negara (Sabah) suggested that the Government set up a mechanism to enable tax collection from temporary Sabah pass (PSS) holders who work and earn income in Sabah. 

Amanah Sabah Chairman, Haris Alimudin (pic), said it welcomed the decision to introduce temporary Sabah pass (PSS) to replace IMM13, “surat burung-burung” and Census Card currently used by foreigners in the State.

He said the decision would help the government deal with the unknown number of foreign nationals and end the problem of falsified documents, a problem that has haunted Sabah for so long.

He said the granting of PSS should be closely monitored to ensure only those who are truly eligible receive it, while at the same time limit the issuance of PPS only to long-term foreigners in Sabah. 

“PSS holders must be given strict conditions, and in the event of them violating the terms and conditions or are non-compliant to the law of the country, it must be cancelled and the individual no longer be allowed to hold PSS,” he said.

He also said the granting of the PSS would help solve the problem of foreign labour shortage, especially in the plantation sector. 

He said the temporary granting of PSS is the best option to solve ‘stateless’ problems whereby their presence has not be documented all this time. 

“The interests and rights of the people in Sabah should continue to be prioritised. 

The PSS should be seen as a temporary solution and the government should introduce policies that will solve the problem of undocumented immigrants which is a long-standing issue in Sabah,” he said. 



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