Falling fruit dents passing car
Published on: Monday, September 09, 2019
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KOTA Kinabalu ratepayers should ensure that their greenery does not become a hindrance or danger to the public, including motorists.

A City Hall spokesman said this included potted plants placed outside their gates and any landscaping work done on the five-foot way near their homes. 

He said the agency welcomed individual efforts to beautify their land and public places around the State Capital.


“Nevertheless, when it comes to the road shoulder near their homes, they should ensure that they use suitable plants for this purpose,” he said.

“By ‘suitable’, we mean plants that do not obstruct the view of drivers, or get in the way of pedestrians, when they are fully grown and which do not have thorns.

He said landowners should also make the effort to ensure that their plants and trees were maintained and did not become diseased or unsightly.

The spokesman was responding to a complaint from a Luyang motorist about the traffic hazards posed by the trees growing over a fence near a Kolombong road.

A mango from one of these trees fell and dented her car while she was passing underneath on a recent weekday morning.

The owner of the vehicle provided Hotline with the location of the trees, as well as the time and date of the incident.

This information was forwarded to City Hall.

A spokesman for the agency said its staff were sent to check on the condition of the greenery in the area.

“They noted that the fruit trees in question were planted on private land,” he said.

“Some of the branches extended over the landowner’s fence and hung over the public road in the vicinity.

“During the inspection, they managed to speak to landowner who assured them that the trees growing over his fence would be trimmed as soon as possible.”

He said the individual would be given a grace period in which to do this.

“If these trees still have not been pruned after this, then we will proceed with further action.”

CANNY of Luyang said it was fortunate that she did not lose control of her car when the fruit fell.

“I screamed in fright but my hands remained firmly on the steering wheel,” she said.

“If not, my car could have veered into the path of the traffic coming from the opposite direction and there might have been a bad accident.”

When she reached her destination, she immediately checked the roof of her car.

“There was a depression in the metal just above the windshield. 

“From the traces of the residue around the dent, I deduced that the damage had been caused by a falling mango.”

Canny said if she had been any slower or faster as she passed underneath the tree, the fruit might have landed on her windshield which could have shattered from the impact.

Given the strong winds and downpours which the State has been experiencing off late, the driver also feared that the branches hanging over the road could snap at any time, endangering road users.

She hoped the relevant authorities would check on the condition of the greenery there before this happened. (SS)


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