Withdraw temporary pass plans and look for alternatives
Published on: Wednesday, September 11, 2019
By: JohanAziz

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku (Star Sabah) has called for the government to withdraw plans to provide a temporary pass and instead look for other alternatives.

“Star Sabah does not agree with the government’s intention to provide the documents to the 600,000 holders of the IMMI13, Kad Burung-Burung and Kad Banci,” the party’s Information Chief, Jeffrey Kumin (pic) said in a statement here Tuesday.

He said the government’s proposal to issue a temporary pass that can renewable after three years had shown that the government was not serious to resolve the issue of the influx of foreigners and there was no guarantee that the foreigners would be sent back to their home countries once their status had been confirmed.

Jeffrey asks the government what the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) decision on the issue of foreigners has not been announced till today? The government will need to take action to revoke foreigners who have falsified mykad and the IMM13 pass obtained after 2013 where the issuance of IMM13 pass has been stopped since 2013.

“I urge all IMM13 Pass holders to be sent back immediately with their families. They are refugees of war. The war in the Philippines is long overdue, so the most important thing the government needs to do is send them back to their hometowns and reunite with their families there.

“In fact, the Philippines have no barriers to accepting IMM13 holders as reported in a local newspaper on December, 20, 2018. So there is no reason for the government to restrain and stop the repatriation of foreigners, but the plan to provide a temporary pass must be cancelled by right away,” he said.

Jeffery said the government should send them back home to show the seriousness of the government’s to reject of the latest claim by the Philippine government to make Sabah part of their land as stated by Philippine Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr recently to confirm their claim at a congressional briefing they held .

He said the issuance of temporary pass to foreigners for legal residence in the state was feared to send the wrong signal to the Philippine government.

According to him, the Philippine government must see the Malaysian government’s plan to give temporary pass on to its people as a strong reason to continue their intention to claim Sabah with more aggressive because of the large presence of their people as well as the historical factors they believe that Sabah belongs to the Sulu sultanate till this day.

“If Saudi Arabia repatriates migrants from Pakistan for terrorism, then it is good for the Malaysian government to emulate Saudi Arabia because many cases of kidnapping and terrorist activities are found to be related to foreigners living and working in Sabah.

“I urge the government through major government-owned companies such as Sime Darby, TH plantations, Felcra Berhad and other companies to invest in agricultural sectors such as oil palm, coconut and durian in southern Mindanao to help provide employment opportunities to foreigners here.

“The same thing has been done in Kalimantan where tens of thousands of Indonesians working in Sabah are able to return home due to the same job vacancies and salaries they have earned in Sabah as a result of the opening of large farms by Malaysian companies.

“I believe that with large estates being opened, it is impossible for foreign workers from the Philippines to remain in Sabah,” he said.

He also suggested that the Malaysian government negotiate with the Philippine government for cooperation to be formed to allow Petronas company to explore the oil and gas that found in South Mindanao area that allegedly by the United States containing oil, gas and mineral worth of 1 trillion dollars.

According to him, the discovery and exploration of oil and gas would surely provide more and more lucrative job opportunities for these foreigners as well as helping to improve the Philippine economy, especially in southern Philippines.

Jeffrey, who is also the Inanam Divisioan Head of the Star Sabah, believes that this is a more effective solution to reduce and even resolve the issue of foreigners especially from the Philippines in Sabah.

“I also suggest that the government replace foreign workers from Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and China to cover the shortage of labor in the state. Because of the long distance, these foreign workers are easier to control than it is easier for us to get to know and distinguish them from the locals.

“Besides that, the government should also offer more attractive offers and incentives to encourage more locals to fill the vacancies left by foreign workers, especially in the construction and agriculture sectors,” he said.

Repeating his call, Jeffrey asks the government to seriously consider the proposals set forth here and seriously forget the intention to issue a temporary pass to foreigners in Sabah.


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