TM men attending to fallen tree at Jalan Kolombong
Published on: Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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TELEKOM Malaysia (TM) workers are in the process of attending to a tree which has fallen on its overhead lines along a section of Jalan Kolombong.

A TM spokesman said its staff would arrange to have the tree removed and repair any telephone wires which were severed as a result of the collapse.

“The tree appears to have been knocked down during the heavy rains which hit the State Capital on Sunday,” he said on September 10.

“There was a slight delay in attending to this problem as our staff were tied up attending to similar problems elsewhere around Kota Kinabalu.” 

LILY, who lives at some apartments in the area, bemoaned the hazards the fallen tree posed to motorists driving to their homes there.

“Motorists have to drive carefully around the branches which have encroached onto part of the road,” she said.

“Road users face the possibility of having their vehicles hit from behind as they decelerate to swerve around this mess.”

Pedestrians, meanwhile, risk life and limb by walking on the road as the tree and wires, pinned underneath, have blocked the five-foot way on the verge.

Lily hoped TM would act on this problem before anyone got hurt or an accident occurred.

“It is in the company’s interest to attend to the phone and Unifi wires before subscribers in the area have their telephone services disrupted as a result of this incident.” 

She provided Hotline with the location of the tree and TM cables in question. This information was forwarded to the firm. (SS)


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