Water Dept seeking ways to address Kinarut woes
Published on: Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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THE Water Department is monitoring the supply to parts of Kinarut to ensure that consumers there are receiving tap water.

A spokesman for the agency said certain areas around the town, including Kg Langkuas, had been experiencing a shortage for some time.

“This situation has come about because the supply from the treatment plants cannot keep up with the demand,” he said.

“We are in the midst of discussions with our headquarters on how to best address this problem.”

He explained that some around the town might find the pressure of their supply was weak, or their taps had run dry, during the day when many consumers were drawing treated water.

“Once offices and shops close for the day, the pressure of the tap water at these same premises improves as there are less consumers using the supply.”

The spokesman was responding to a Kinarut resident’s displeasure about the irregular supply which he had been receiving at his home in Kg Langkuas.

The consumer said his taps ran dry during the day, with treated water only available for a few hours between midnight and dawn.

He provided Hotline with the location of his home which was forwarded to the Department.

The spokesman said the agency would check on the condition of the distribution mains leading to his premises to determine if the pipes were air-locked.

“We will also try to adjust the valve along the distribution line to boost the pressure of the water being channelled to the village.”

SHAM of Kinarut bemoaned the erratic supply to those living in the village.

He spoke out about his lack of sleep as he sometimes had to stay awake till the wee hours to get water.

“By 8am, the taps have already run dry. This makes it difficult for us to accomplish any chores at home,” he said.

“It is especially trying for those with babies as they have a lot of washing and feeding to do.”

Sham said this problem had been taking place “for months”.

“The residents have repeatedly reported this problem to the Department but, so far, the situation has yet to improve,” he said.  (SS)


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