Hope for Silat popularity in Kota Belud
Published on: Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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KOTA BELUD: The Tempasuk Assemblyman, Datuk Musbah Jamli said the existence of a new silat court in this district will mean more athletes of this sport hailing from this district who may become champions at the national level or international level.

He cited Nor Farah Mazlan and Mohd Amiruddin Azmi, who have brought pride to Sabah. He said the silat athletes, who are natives of Kota Belud had done well in a few tournaments.

For example, Nor Farah obtained silver at the World Silat Championships in Singapore and would represent the country in the coming SEA Games in Manila, Philippines.

“Same goes to Amiruddin who obtained gold at the recent national-level silat championships in representing the State and subsequently put in the B division national team.” 

He congratulated the committee on the initiative and dedication until the launch of the inaugural state branch Silat Lincah Malaysia Association court in Kampung Limau, here, which has become a reality, he said when officiating the court for the Sabah branch of Silat Lincah Malaysia Association in Kampung Limau, recently.

It was understood that the Silat Lincah association was the brainchild of Pesaka Malaysia, the late Tan Sri Omardin Mauju, who was active since  1963.

Now, the association has excelled and became a respected organisation under the leadership of Datuk Megat Zulkarnain Tan Sri Omardin, who is also the Secretary-General of the Silat Lincah Malaysia Association.

Previously, the Silat Lincah Malaysia Association (Pesaka) Sabah State branch President cum national vice president Datuk Iliyas Ibrahim, hoped that the association can work together especially the Kota Belud district branch of the Silat Lincah Malaysia in developing the sport to an excellent, higher level.

“A sports association must not only be excellent in terms of its name only, but also through the number of its membership and even though it is still small or new, the functions of roles that will be played must be truly attached through its tracks and the founding objectives,” he said.

Also present were the representative of the District Officer OKK Hanjan Samit, Kota Belud district Youth and Sports Ministry officer Hafiz Rudin, the Deputy President of the Sabah Youth Council Azuan Norjan, the Sabah Sama-Bajau Association President Datuk Abdullah Sibil and the Organising Chairperson of the Kota Belud Silat court Malik Latip.


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