Not a political tool, says MACC
Published on: Thursday, September 12, 2019
By: Sherell Jeffrey and Stefyanie Myla Michael
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KOTA KINABALU: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission said it is time for certain quarters to stop using the MACC as a political tool to back up complaints about alleged corrupt practices.

It said while it would look into all substantiated information channelled to it regardless of who it comes from, using the MACC as a political tool must stop.

“If you have a complaint, it doesn’t matter who you are, come and give us the information, we will look into it. 

“We only stop if the case does not go beyond the initial complaint, it must be understood that we have had instances of cases which were lodged on a political motive,” Director-General Latheefa Koya (pic) told a media conference at the State Administrative Building, Wednesday, after paying a courtesy call on Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal.

Asked about opposition Star Sabah Chief Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan’s call for MACC to be fair when investigating corruption cases even if it involves leaders of Pakatan Harapan or their allies, she said nothing has automatically stopped just because someone has come into power.

She noted that MACC for a long time had been used as a political tool where people lodged reports just to get at each other.

“We strive to be professional and we do not want MACC to be used as a field for people to lodge complaints against each other.

“If we are going to investigate, it will be something based on substance, just because there is a complaint does not necessarily mean there is a case,” she said.

Which is why MACC wants to educate the public as there are a lot of situations where people will come to MACC just to make complaints, hold press conferences and tell the media that they have lodged a complaint. 

“If the opposition feels that there is perception that we don’t look into their case, maybe they have to look back at the way they have made their complaints.

“Is it with substance or is it just a complaint or do they just make statements in public or in the media, but have they actually come to us with information?” she said. 

On another note, she is of the opinion that there is an effect on the lack of corruption cases especially this time around with the government looking at corruption as among main issues to tackle. 

She said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has also frequently spoken about corruption and anti-corruption move, adding that MACC has set up a couple of committees to correct the system. 

“For me, I think there is lack in corruption cases but some cases which involves a lot of money and high profile figures, the cases are highlighted every day on the media creating sensationalised elements,” she said.

She said when sensationalised elements happen, the perception of corruption happening every day happens when sometimes it’s the same case being played over and over again. 

She feels that at state level, the feedback has definitely improved.

“We do not hear any major manipulation of money, we are not saying corruption is completely cleaned up, of course we have complaints but it’s not free-for-all like the previous situation. 

“I think there is certainly a level of improvement in terms of that and I would like to thank my officers for maintaining the professionalism. If they continue with this independence and professionalism, we can go far,” she said. 



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