DID priority is for public areas
Published on: Thursday, September 12, 2019
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THE Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) will always give priority over emergency situations where it will affect the livelihood and safety of the community in any areas in Sabah.  

 “But this doesn’t mean we don’t care about other requests given to us by landowners to rehabilitate riverbanks that have eroded in their respective area,” said its spokesman, when contacted about a request by a Papar resident to fortify a collapsed riverbank in Kampung Manggis recently. 

He explained that importance is given to affected areas which directly affecting communal facilities such as public roads, community halls, schools, bridges, place of worships and other shared facilities. 

 “We will focus in repairing the riverbank at these areas as compared to private owned property since our allocations are very limited.

 “But surely we will attend to their petitions if there is a surplus or sufficient funds to finance the repair work,” he added. 

He advised private landowner in Papar whose property is affected by erosion at the riverbank to see its personnel at its office soon as possible. 

 “We may not be able to carry out what they want us to do but what we can do is to take note of the matter and arrange for remedial work to be done once we have approval to do so,” he added. 

He urged the latter to bring photo evidence, map of the area and other pertinent documents of the land for its perusal. 

 “We want to hear their concerns personally because we might come up with a quick solution to the problem,” he added.

JAMIS, a concerned landowner in Kg Manggis told Hotline not too long ago that erosion taking place at a section of the riverbank at Papar river is a cause for concern. 

 “I fear the remaining soil along the banks in my land will follow suit during the next heavy rain,” he added. 

He recalled a sand mining activity being carried out in that part of the river several years ago which probably aggravated the erosion on the bank. (OV)



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