25 schools in Putrajaya closed today if api reading exceeds 200
Published on: Tuesday, September 17, 2019
By: Bernama
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PUTRAJAYA: As many as 25 schools in Putrajaya will be forced to suspend classes today (Tuesday) if the Air Pollutant Index (API) reading exceeds 200 which is ‘very unhealthy’, according to the Deputy Director (Planning) of the Federal Territory Education Department, Dr Roslan Hussin.

He said the department would monitor the API reading from time to time and schools would be required to close if the haze reading exceeded 200 to ensure the health of students and teachers were protected.

There are 25 schools in the Putrajaya area of which 15 are primary schools and 10 are secondary schools.

As of 4pm on Monday afternoon, the reading of the API in Putrajaya was 196 which was unhealthy.

“We are monitoring the reading of the API in Putrajaya. The director of the Federal Territory Education Department has asked all principals and teachers to come up with an appropriate plan including postponing all activities outside the classroom based on the reading of the API,” he said when contacted here.

Putrajaya became the latest area to register a very unhealthy API reading with a reading of 202 at 12 noon.

Meanwhile, school sessions in three districts of Johor Bahru, closed three days ago (Sept 15) due to extremely poor Air Pollutant Index (API) reading, will operate as usual today.

State Education Director Azman Adnan said the decision was made following the API reading in the Tangkak, Muar and Pontian districts started to drop below 200.

He said all the kindergartens and institutions of higher learning in the three districts would also be opened.

“Based on the latest API reading at stations in Johor, it shows a significant downward trend dropping below 200.

“All schools in Muar, Tangkak and Pontian districts which were closed two days ago due to extremely unhealthy air condition, will reopen as usual tomorrow,” he said in a statement here.

However, Azman said, for districts with more than 100 API readings, school activities outside the classroom would be suspended.

In the last two days, all schools including kindergartens, Institutions of Higher Education and colleges in three districts, Tangkak, Muar and Pontian, were ordered to close on Monday, following API readings of more than 200. – Bernama



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