Expedition to map Keningau hiking trail
Published on: Wednesday, September 18, 2019
By: Johan Aziz
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Robert (fifth left) handing over the Sabah Flag to expedition leader Jainus in Keningau.
KENINGAU: Some 13 members of the Sabah Nabai, Gana and Kujau Cultural and Welfare Association (KGNS) and Bingkor Soccer Club (BSC) participated in the Headhunter Trails Challenge Expedition on the Bayayo river from Bandukan Park in Bingkor to Papar district in conjunction with Malaysia Day celebration recently.

The expedition, led by Jainus Lian, was flagged-off by Bingkor Assemblyman, Robert Tawik.

Jainus told Daily Express that the purpose of the expedition was to create a tourist route between Bandukan Park to Papar especially for nature and river lovers.

“During the five-day expedition we will follow the upstream of Bayayo River and then cross the Crocker Range,” he said.

He said the expedition was planned several months ago and that a month before embarking on the expedition, members of the group underwent intensive training especially mental and physical strength.

He said they will be walking along the river and also climb hills and across forests to reach Papar area.

“There were many who wanted to take part in the expedition but I cannot allow it because of the challenges and obstacles that we expected to encounter in this first expedition. 

“After all, this expedition is to allow us to map an easier trail for the next expedition,” he said.

He said all members of the group were prepared for the challenges and they all have the necessary tools and equipment including sufficient food supply for the five-day trip.

He said they will spend the nights in the jungle before travelling the next   day.

Meanwhile, Robert expressed hope that the expedition will be successful and the participants safely reach its destination.

“I am confident that they will do so as they have one month of preparation,” he said.

He believed that, through the mission, it would make the Bandukan Park as a focal point for tourists both from domestic and foreign for a challenging experience.

He said that at present the Keningau District Council is upgrading the Bandukan Park as one of the tourist attraction in the district. 

He said that other tourism products in the district include an old village, Kampung Bandukan Lama, bathing at Bayoyo river, traditional food, handicrafts and various activities for family members, among others.


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