Getting tough on P’pang parking
Published on: Friday, September 20, 2019
By: Oswald Supi
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PENAMPANG:  Tamu vendors at Donggongon became the first few to feel the bite of the Council’s Parking By-Laws that were gazetted recently when they received notices on their vehicles for being parked permanently for two-and-a-half days near the venue.

  This monopolising of parking space caused triple parking at times and is the main cause of traffic congestion from Wednesdays to Fridays. Thursdays and Fridays are Tamu (bazaar) days. 

 Council Deputy Chairman Ignatius Matayun announced last week of improvements in the traffic and parking system here following approval of the by-law. 

 Copies of the notices were posted in social but hardly attracted attention.

 One furious motorist thought he was getting a “bad luck” ticket from the Traffic police section although he parked properly at edge of the road in council parking area behind the shops.  

 A spokesman for the council said the traffic police are suppose to take action along the main roads only,  

The motorist said if he had really parked on the wrong spot, he was willing to pay the council fine which is cheaper, not more than RM50 and will fund the council to improve services here. 

 A traffic police summons is RM150 and goes to the federal government,  he said.

Meanwhile, two parking bays reserved for a Telco to erect a small tent to promote their services irritated motorists who had difficulty with parking. 

 They queried which council officer gave such a temporary permit when there are plenty of other open spaces for such commercial activities.


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