Treatment plant behind Manggatal water woes
Published on: Tuesday, October 08, 2019
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THE intermittent operations at the Telibong Treatment Plant were behind the water woes at some Manggatal apartments. 

A Water Department spokesman said production at the facility temporarily came to a halt on a recent Sunday night due to a technical problem.

When asked about the nature of the problem, he declined to comment.

“The activities at the Plant resumed a few hours later, but the shutdown caused the levels at the reservoir, from which some consumers draw their supply, to drop,” he said.

“It took one or two days before levels returned to normal.”

He was responding to a complaint about the erratic supply to apartment-dwellers in the Bandar Sierra.

DREYA, who occupies a first floor unit, bemoaned the lack of a supply to her unit.

“The taps in my unit went dry shortly after 6.30am on Monday,” she said.

“I immediately contacted the management company and was informed that the disruption was due to a shutdown by the Department.”

The apartment-owner admitted that she found this to be a little dubious as the agency had not forewarned consumers to stock water in advance of such an event.

“There were no notices to this affect pinned up anywhere on the grounds of the apartments and there were no advertisements to inform as such in the local newspapers.”

She hoped the Department would intervene to assist its consumers at the apartments.

Dreya provided Hotline with the time and date of these problems. This information was forwarded to the Department. 

The spokesman explained that apartment-dwellers did not get tap water round the clock at the apartments due to the Department’s ongoing rationing exercise.

He admitted that the agency was struggling to meet the escalating demands for water from its customers in Manggatal, Telipok and Tuaran.

“With more and more residential and commercial properties coming up around these areas, both our Treatment Plants are straining to keep up with the added requests for a supply.

“This has even forced us to make the rationing exercise a daily occurrence. 

“When it first started last year, this was only done twice a week.” 

Nevertheless, the agency’s staff would keep an eye on the water level at the reservoir to minimise the inconvenience caused to the public, including those at the apartments.

“We will adjust the valve along the main distribution line, if need be, to ensure that there is enough water at the reservoir.”  (SS)



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