City Hall to monitor clearing of garden waste in Karamunsing
Published on: Tuesday, October 08, 2019
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 CITY Hall will monitor efforts to clear the garden waste in a Karamunsing neighbourhood to ensure that that this work is being carried out as it should.

A spokesman for the agency said this rubbish was supposed to be removed twice a month, on alternative weeks.

“The contractor, tasked with doing this, has been reminded to adhere to this schedule,” he said.

“We will make random inspections of the area to determine if our rate-payers here are being served as they should.”

This action was prompted by a homeowner’s observations that her bags of garden waste had not been removed in over three weeks recently.

She said that this was not the first time that this had happened this year. 

The individual experienced the same problem in February and again in April. 

She provided Hotline with the location of her home. This information was forwarded to City Hall.

The spokesman said a check was on the same day that the agency came to learn about breakdown in the service.

“Our staff confirmed the presence of the bags of waste stacked near her bin,” he said.

“The contractor was alerted to these findings and arranged for this refuse to be removed shortly afterwards.”

He advised rate-payers to contact City Hall directly, if they felt that their garden waste had been left outside their homes for too long.

“We can arrange to have this refuse removed before the next collection.”

The spokesman urged homeowners to bag their garden waste and place it beside their bins.

“Our garbage collectors have been instructed to take note of these bags and alert the contractor concerned to have this refuse removed.”

MARCY of Karamunsing said she had initially placed two bags beside her bin but the garden waste was not removed the next time the City Hall compactor came to her neighbourhood.

“A few weeks later, I cut the grass in my compound and pruned my trees,” she said. 

“I bagged these trimmings and when I placed this waste on the roadside outside my house, the pile became bigger as the earlier bags still had not been cleared.”

On top making the area look unsightly, she said this waste also put pedestrians in harms way because they were forced to walk on the housing road. (SS)


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