Portals got it wrong on subsidised fuel: Chan
Published on: Wednesday, October 09, 2019
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KUALA LUMPUR: Democratic Action Party (DAP) Kota Kinabalu MP, Chan Foong Hin (pic), said people living in Sabah will continue to enjoy RON95 petrol at RM2.08 per litre for the foreseeable future. 

Chan, who is also Secretary of DAP Sabah, said the Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution and Deputy Minister Chong Chieng Jen confirmed the same unequivocally. 

“It is definitely not true that the people in Sabah are no longer entitled to enjoy subsidised RON95 petrol due to low usage. RM2.08 is already a subsidised amount.

“In fact, if indeed usage is lower in Sabah, then all the more reason to continue to subsidise. Free Malaysia Today and some news portals must have misquoted Saifuddin somehow,” said Chan in a statement, here, Tuesday. 

Chan said that it is regretful for such misreporting to have taken place when parliament is debating whether to repeal the Anti Fake News Act. 

“I am not accusing these news reporting outlets of reporting fake news, but they ought to be more careful when quoting someone and not make any assumption as to what was said.

“I am very sure the minister had never uttered ‘no more fuel subsidy for Sabah and Sarawak’ or anything of the sort,” Chan said.

“The fact is that from January 2020 onwards, the existing fuel subsidy system of RM2.08 per litre would be terminated in Peninsula Malaysia but retained in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan. 

In Peninsula Malaysia, it is to be replaced by a system where the price of RON95 would be floated and those who are entitled will be subsidised a sum of RM30 per month. Assuming if you use 100 litres per month, which would be an average of 30 sens per litre.

“30 sens per litre is nothing compared to stability of price at RM2.08 per litre, especially when there is no indication that RON95 price will be dropping any time soon. 

“Currently, the market price of RON95 is RM2.49 per litre, and in such a case, citizens living in Peninsula Malaysia, even if they were to receive a subsidy of 30 sens per litre, would still have to pay RM2.19, which is higher than RM2.08,” he said.

“As it is, the people living in Sabah & Sarawak will be enjoying more fuel subsidy than their counterparts in Peninsula Malaysia.

“The media plays an important role in feeding accurate news and information to the public. What happened today was an utter disappointment. Not only the media failed to report what is correct, the media even wrongly reported. 

“This had resulted in the government being criticized by the public when there is no cause for such criticism.

“Therefore, it is always prudent for the media to ensure whatever that is reported is accurate and contains no misinformation,” he said. 


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