Major repairs on Millenium Heights drains: District Council
Published on: Friday, October 11, 2019
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THE Penampang District Council plans to have major repairs carried out on the drains servicing a section of Taman Millenium Heights Phase 2.

A Council spokesman said this would be done as soon as the funds for the work became available.

“We have applied for an allocation from the Federal Housing Ministry to have the drains refurbished next year,” he said.

“Our staff observed, during their inspection, that the water inside these structures was not flowing properly due to a problem with the gradient. 

“This was caused by the settlement of the earth in the area.”

He said the Council would step up efforts to have the structures cleared more frequently until the refurbishment work could get off the ground.

“This is the most that we can do while waiting to receive the sum needed to affect the repairs.”

CHEE of Penampang bemoaned the poor management of the drainage along Lorong Millenium Heights 2. 

She said a foul smell wafted over from the direction of the drains during the dry season.

“On the other hand, the water inside spills onto the stretch whenever there is a downpour,” she said.

“I suspect that this happens because the drains have not been maintained in some time.”

She said these structures were clogged with rubbish and water vegetation.

“The silt at the bottom of the drains had also not been removed for months.”

Chee said she had related her observations in writing to the Council but, so far, nothing had come of her effort.

The agency’s staff personally received the letter from her. 

However, as of Oct 1, she had yet to receive an official response to this correspondence.

After so many months, she feared that mosquitoes might be breeding inside the drains.

“I appeal to the local authorities to do something about the drainage here as soon as possible before a massive dengue outbreak happens.

“There is no point fogging after dengue cases are reported if preventative measures, such as dealing with the drainage problem, are not going to be implemented.” (SS)



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