Bus stop poses risk to pedestrians
Published on: Friday, October 11, 2019
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CITY Hall has been urged to set right the bus stop near Visa Light Industrial Estate at Mile 8, Tuaran road in Kolombong, as it appears to be slanting towards an adjacent roadside drain. 

A concerned member of the public approached Hotline, on Sept 30, with a picture of the bus stop in question. 

 “I fear that one day the structure will tip over during strong winds while there are commuters taking shelter inside,” lamented ERNIE, who noticed the bus stop is no longer standing upright recently. 

He was under the impression that the base of the steel bus stop became unstable after it was hit by a vehicle. 

 “It’s either that or the constant intense vibrations from the nearby traffic has weakened its footing,” he said. 

He urged the relevant authority to repair the bus stop given the high number of commuters taking shelter there during bad weather.  

Apart from that, he also suggested the authority to increase the seating capacity of the bus stop to enable more people to sit while waiting for the bus. 

He also pointed out the need to equip at least two dustbins at the bus stop to ensure cleanliness of the area. 

 “I don’t follow public transport but that doesn’t mean I cannot think like a commuter. Where else are they going to throw their rubbish other than the roadside drain which is located just next to the bus stop?” he asked.    

A City Hall spokeswoman said the matter would be submitted to the personnel at the relevant department soon as possible. 

 “Allow us to check whether this has been included in the list of bus stops that will be upgraded later this year or next year,” she added. 

In the meantime, she advised commuters there to keep the area clean at all times and to be careful while using the bus shelter.  (OV) 


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