Raised voice at full P’pang Council meet
Published on: Friday, November 08, 2019
By: Oswald Supi
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PENAMPANG: The fifth full Penampang District Council (PDC) meeting this year heard several councillors ticking off the Council for failing to implement decisions made in their previous meetings.

Two pertinent examples were the decision to turn Donggongon Square roads into a one-way traffic and the works to be done after the councillors made full inspection of the town.

Deputy Chairman Ignatius Matayan said some repair works were started only when the Penampang Member of Parliament, Datuk Darell Leiking, came to the town. 

“What is the point of having councillors (to sit in the Council) who will get the blame from the people when no results are forthcoming?” he asked.

Another councillor was furious that a shop that they had found to be extremely dirty was not ordered closed and demanded the enforcement officers to take action. 

However, another councillor said the enforcement officers will be sent for further training to understand the relevant bylaws and their authority to enforce them.

A senior councillor even hinted that some of the Council’s officers are not suited for their jobs.

Another hot issue raised was the existence of “moles” in the Council where some contractors were already tipped off before the decisions of the relevant committees were finalised. 

The Finance Section was told to have a system where only relevant people will be allowed in the meetings.

Regarding the Parking By-laws, a team from a full subsidiary of Kota Kinabalu City Council gave a briefing on the coupon system, saying they are ready to advise the Penampang Council to implement its own system, thus avoiding the pitfalls that Kota Kinabalu and other towns had faced before.

This will assist PDC to decide whether to implement the parking coupons themselves or appoint agents.

Another councillor requested for the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Local Government and Housing in every full council meeting. 

The rest of issues were normal businesses of the Council.

All the relevant departments, including SESB, were represented in the meeting, while the elected YBs sent representatives and Nominated Assemblyman Terence Siambun attended himself.


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