Excavator a hazard for motorists in Penampang 
Published on: Friday, November 08, 2019
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THE Penampang Traffic Police had been notified about the potential danger awaiting those exiting from a road junction in between Kampung Tunoh and Kampung Tomposik in Inobong, due to the presence of an excavator parked next to the roadside.  

A concerned motorist approached Hotline recently with a picture of the problem, which according to him, the relevant authorities need to step in soon as possible to prevent accident to happen at the road junction. 

“This is a very busy road, especially around noon on weekdays because there is kindergarten located inside this area,” said JOHHNY, who spoke on behalf of many parents who frequent the stretch.  

He said the operator of the excavator should not have parked the heavy machinery at that spot. 

“The entire dimension of the excavator is obstructing our view of cars approaching from the right hand side.

“By right, (the operator) shouldn’t park it anywhere near any road junction to avoid it from being a nuisance to road users,” he said, adding that the excavator should have been left on the land it was working on rather than on the roadside.   

A Police Department spokesman, when contacted on Nov 5, assured that its personnel would be deployed to the site soon as possible. 

“Road safety is of utmost concern to us because all it takes is just one irresponsible act to put lives at risk,” he said. 

He said the operator for the excavator would be instructed to vacate the spot should the machinery is still there during its inspection later.  (OV)


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