Stronger drain covers needed for Kunak bus terminal
Published on: Friday, November 08, 2019
By: Ibrahim Tabir
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KUNAK: Impact-resistance and quality materials are needed to replace the broken concrete of drain covers at the entrance and exit of the Express Bus Terminal here.

Kunak District Council Executive Officer, Mohd Shoffian Mohd Said said that he has approved the Council’s suppliers to provide load-resistant materials namely suitable drain covers to be installed in that area since the original drain covers are not durable and “inadequate”.

“We need a drain cover that can withstand a 30 ton impact and above,” he told Daily Express.

He said the damages to the concrete drain at the bus terminal area had not been repaired for several months as it was still in the process of “waiting for supplies” to arrive for installation work.

He explained the area is the route for Scania-type Express Buses to the Express Bus Main Terminal in Kunak, which is necessary to ensure the entry and exit of the terminal is accessible not only by large and heavy vehicles but also for other vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. 

The terminal also serves as a ticket counter where people come to pick their belongings or wait for their ride. 

Meanwhile, Djapri Kudosat said the damaged drain covers that gave been ignored for a long time pose a risk to road users.

He said drivers who are unfamiliar with the area are unaware of the damaged drainage covers hence at risk of an accident.

“I was made to understand that there was a recent incident where a motorcycle tire suffered damage after it went over the broken concrete there,” he said.

There are four east coast-bound express bus companies operating at the Kunak Express Express Terminal. 


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