Education Development Bureau soon in Membakut
Published on: Friday, November 08, 2019
By: Ahmad Apong
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MEMBAKUT: An Education Development Bureau (Prisma) comprising think tanks, principals, teachers as well as district education officers is being established in Membakut this year said Membakut Assemblyman Datuk Mohd Arifin Arif. 

He said the relevant parties would be invited to discuss developmental plans as well as education empowerment initiatives, in order to uphold Membakut’s vision relating to proper education, with the slogan “Membakut Rises with Knowledge (Membakut Membangun dengan Ilmu)”.

“I hope that with the budget announced in Parliament by the Federal government and also the State’s budget that will soon be announced by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal, it will encourage and contribute to the development in Sabah that includes Membakut,”

He said this when met after the Preschool Convocation (Membakut Division) at Sri Pimping Hall.

On other developments, he said that there are several schools in Membakut that require upgrading. To this, he expressed hope that the government will replace it with new infrastructure. 

“I have expressed this concern to Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik and that the PPD will look into it. We are confident that there will be some allocation coming from the Federal Government to be channeled to this area,” he said. 

Arifin has also requested for road infrastructure within the proximity of schools to be upgraded such as the stretch near SK Lembah Poring and SK Pinopok as well as the bridge at Sk Binsulok which serves as a pathway for its students.

He said these are among the agendas that he will refer to the Education Department, which is also in the Prisma taskforce.

“We will also continue to provide funding and assistance to all schools ranging from SK, SMK, SAN and several tahfiz schools,” he said.

The financial aid that was provided previously will be brought forward this year in addition to the incentives provided for students who are eligible to advance their studies at Masters and PhD levels.

Arifin said that in just one year, two bureaus have been set up, which include the Propagation Bureau (Patma) and Prisma.

He added that there are plans to establish more bureaus in economic aspect such as the Bureau of Arts and Culture. 


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