Ikatan to make safety, health awareness M’sian trait, says Lam Thye
Published on: Saturday, November 09, 2019
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File photo from Bernama.
Kuala Lumpur: New non-governmental organisation Alliance of Safety Community (Ikatan) aims to communitise safety and health awareness, and make it a Malaysian trait.

Formed last year, the organisation comprises retired professionals and those who are still active in their respective industries.

Ikatan chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said the establishment of Ikatan was very important as the level of awareness on safety and health among Malaysians was still very low.

“Before we talk about making safety a culture, priority should be creating safety and health awareness in the community.

“Because only when the community understands what safety is all about and practise it, can it become a culture.

“There are still many cases of road accidents and drowning in Malaysia. These are all related to education and awareness.

“So, the establishment of Ikatan that promotes safety and health is much needed,” he told reporters Friday.

Lee said Ikatan also served as a consultative body to advise the community on safety- and health-related issues.

“For example, although we are less than a year old, we managed to conduct an environmental impact assessment (EIA) at Taman Dagang Jaya in Ampang upon request from the residents’ association.

“They had complained of air and noise pollution from a construction site located near their housing area.

“We did the EIA and came out with a report on the problem that we will submit to the residents’ association.

“We have proposed they hand over the report to the relevant authority, in this case, the Department of Environment, so that action can be taken to solve the problem.

“We want to offer our help to other residents’ associations as well, as often they do not have the experience, expertise and knowledge to handle safety and health-related problems,” he said.

Lee added that with professionals and corporate bodies as members, Ikatan hoped to create a strong alliance between the community and stakeholders such as the local authorities.

“We have engaged several ministries and government agencies to help with our cause.

“We are ready to provide any form of assistance. We aim to bring our programmes to communities to create a safety culture at home and workplace,” he added.

Lee also called on corporations to collaborate with Ikatan as part of their corporate social responsibility.


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