City Hall to check on haphazard parking near Fortuna
Published on: Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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CITY Hall staff are keeping an eye on the goings-on along the road around some shophouses, near Taman Fortuna, following a complaint about the traffic hazards posed by the vehicles which were illegally parked on the stretch.

A spokesman for the agency warned that those caught leaving their vehicles in an area not designated as a parking space, are liable to a compound of up to RM100.

He said such action could be taken under City Hall’s By Law on the Provision of Parking Spaces and Stands and Licencing of Parking Places.

“In instances where vehicles are parked or abandoned on the housing roads, the owners can be compounded for every day their automobile was left on these stretches,” he said.

“If they fail to settle their compounds, they risk being taken to court where they could be fined up to RM 5,000,” he said.

He said repeat offenders also risked legal action.

DAN of Penampang said these drivers created a danger to the road-users, including pedestrians, by parking their vehicles beside a flood mitigation drain along Lorong Seroga 1.

He said the dual carriageway had become a single lane as a result of their actions.

“Drivers who swerve around these cars, risk colliding with oncoming traffic.

“They also risk having their vehicles hit from behind as they slow down to go round these obstructions.”

Dan hoped the relevant authority would intervene to minimise the likelihood of pedestrians being run down or accidents taking place on the housing road.  

“I have been contacting City Hall on and off about this problem for some time.

“An officer came down once and, for a brief period afterwards, no one dared to park along the stretch.

“Now, however, the incidence of illegal parking has become worse,” he said. (SS)


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