City Hall to check basement staircases of Api Api Centre
Published on: Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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CITY Hall will check on the condition of the staircases in the basement of the Api Api commercial centre, following a complaint from a Likas motorist who has a mobility impairment.

The driver almost slipped and fell on a recent weekday, while trying to reach the ground of floor of the building.

COLLEEN of Likas said fungus had formed in the places, making the surface of the stairs slippery.

“There was water dripping down onto the steps as I got wet while I was going up from the parking area,” she said.

“I couldn’t make out where the moisture was coming from. I suspect the run-off from an air-conditioner might be dripping down.

“It’s either that or one of the gutters on the upper floors might be leaking.” 

She said, thankfully, she had not been alone when she went to the centre.

“The friend I was with gripped my arm to steady me, when I lost my balance.”

Colleen feared that others might not be so lucky.

“I hate to imagine what would might happen if a senior citizen or expectant mum were to slip on the staircase.” 

She hoped the local authorities take steps to improve the maintenance of this staircase and the others leading up from the basement parking for the building.

Action should be taken to prevent the stairs from getting unnecessarily wet, according to her.

Colleen said the weather had been sunny at the time when she almost fell.

“The relevant parties could also consider having a layer of ‘epoxy paint’ applied to the surface of the stairs.

“This will prevent fungus from forming again and provide a non-slip surface.”

The driver provided Hotline with the location of the staircase she used. This information was forwarded to City Hall.

A spokeswoman for the agency said its staff would have to verify the driver’s claim.

“The public areas around the building, including the staircases in the basement, are not maintained by City Hall,” she said.

“Should her concern about the safety hazards be warranted, we will have a word with the building’s management.”

She said the firm would be asked to address the irregularities involving the water dropping down onto the staircase.

“The company will also be asked to step up efforts to deal with the mould which has formed on the stairs.” (SS) 


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