Water Dept dismantles illegal pipe connection in KK
Published on: Thursday, November 14, 2019
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THE Water Department dismantled an illegal pipe connection done by an errant individual Off Jalan Asrama, in Bukit Bendera, recently. 

“We even sealed the pipe valve to ensure it won’t be misused again in future,” its spokeswoman said, when contacted on Nov 12. 

Apart from that, he said its enforcement personnel had been informed to monitor the condition of all the pipes in that area from time to time. 

“We won’t tolerate anyone tampering with our pipes because such irresponsible act can cause many bad effects such as low water pressure at metered end users, other than causing substantial losses in revenue,” she added. 

She said the offence was under Section 53 of the Sabah State Water Supply Enactment 2003 and those who are caught would be slapped with a fine not exceeding RM50,000. 

She advised members of the public to be the Department’s eyes so that such matter could be attended to almost immediately.   

“They can report to us by providing the exact location of the place to the staff manning our Careline at 088-326888,” she added.  

A resident there, who requested for anonymity, told Hotline recently that the offender had been stealing water for several years. 

“We’ve reported this to the Department in the first week of this month but the pipe connection remains intact before we left for Kuala Lumpur on Nov 8,” he said.    

He said the Department’s enforcement personnel came to inspect the situation after the matter reached their attention on Nov 1. 

“I saw the personnel spoke to a worker in that property and most probably he was asked to inform his superior to apply for a legal pipe connection,” he added. 

He was surprised that the pipe connection was not dismantled by the staff after the discussion at that time. 

“Why didn’t he undo the connection and lock the pipe valve at that time?,” he asked, adding that he had no further knowledge on whether or not the latter is still receiving water illegally at the moment as he is still abroad.  

The complainant had a strong suspicion that the errant party was pilfering treated water with the absence of a meter attach to the pipe. 

“I don’t see any meter connected to that pipe,” he added.  (OV)


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