4-5 dog complaints made but ignored, says mauled pupil's mum
Published on: Monday, November 18, 2019
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Kota Kinabalu: The mother of a seven-year-old pupil who was mauled by two dogs in Ranau claimed that the animals belonged to a teacher of her school and will lodge a police report on the matter here.

The mother said people had complained to the teacher before and to the police, however, no action was taken by the relevant local authority despite dogs "terrorising kids and students who use a short-cut to the school."

The mother also said the teacher had denied owning the dogs, but she claimed there are witnesses to the contrary.

The SK Lipasu pupil, Nursherlynda Amila Rashid, or Lynda as she is called by her mother, had a chunk of flesh bitten off her neck and suffered multiple wounds all over her body including punctured wounds on her head and back as well as laceration wounds on her limbs.

According to her mother, Lynda was with two other friends and were walking home from school when they passed by a junction when the two dogs suddenly chased them.

“Lynda fell while trying to flee and was then mauled by the two dogs. The security guard who heard the other students' scream for help rushed to her aid," said the mother.

“Lynda’s school bag and tudung [shawl] were torn to pieces with her books scattered on the road, and her body was covered in blood."

“Lynda was usually picked to and from her school by her uncle but due to some personal matter, she had to walk to the school which was about a kilometre away from home.

“Her father who is a mountain guide had his day off on the day of the incident but had to look after their youngest child aged one year three months at home. Therefore, we could not fetch her from school,” she said.

She said the short-cut was frequently used by many for as long as she could remember because it is nearer to the school, but one of the teachers who lived near the path let his dogs free knowing that it will chase and bite passers-by. 

“There were about four to five complaints made about the dogs but it fell on deaf ears. Another kid was also chased by the same dogs a week ago and kids are afraid to pass by the area,” said the mother.

The second out of three siblings is currently stable but still unable to stand or walk and traumatised by the incident.

She urged whoever witnessed the incident to come forward and lodge a report.

“Be honest and just let the authority know about the real incident and lodge a report for the goodness of all.

“We just want the owner to be responsible for his own dogs. We have waited for three days for him to approach us and apologise but no one came. So now, the time has passed and let the law do its justice accordingly,” she said.



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