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Published on: Sunday, November 24, 2019
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KOTA KINABALU: The early learning process of children begins with the bond they share with their parents besides influence from their social environment. “Children’s learning process continues in the childcare centre and it is the centre’s responsibility to provide a conducive environment for children to develop positively,” said the Director of Yayasan Sabah, Director Datuk Jamalul Kiram Datuk Mohd. Zakaria.

He added that children who receive preschool education will be more independent and confident in voicing their opinions as compared to children who are not exposed to early education.

Hence, recognising the importance of early education in a child’s development, Yayasan Sabah Group continues the State’s effort in preschool education. In September 1982, Child Development Division was established and Tadika Ria preschool was then fully operational with the concept “Learn Through Play”. 

To date, as many as 2,760 children have completed their preschool education at Yayasan Sabah Group preschools. 

“After completing Tadika Ria, these children will be prepared and confident to move forward with positive traits in interpersonal skills. In short, preschool education prepares them for the next level of schooling,” said Datuk Jamalul. 

This was acknowledged by Aidariani Michael Olaybal who sends her daughter, Dhia Azalea Amani binti Jaini to Tadika Ria, Yayasan Sabah Group. “Before her enrolment in kindergarten, she used to talk only to certain people. Since studying at Tadika Ria, my daughter has become braver to approach others and smart in interacting,” said Aidariani proudly.

“I like the education system in Tadika Ria. This is because the teachers’ approach is not boring and attracts the children’s attention to come to school and study,” said Aidariani, when asked to on the education system in Tadika Ria. She further explained that her daughter was a fast learner and was quick to learn how to read and count.

Aidariani also praised the activities at Tadika Ria that have changed her daughter tremendously in a positive way. “Dhia used to be shy and afraid to try, but now she is confident to participate in any activity. She can stand up in front of people without being afraid or shy,” she said.

Aidariani also explained that the reasonable fees at Tadika Ria is a plus point when compared to other kindergartens and is one of the reasons she sends Dhia to Tadika Ria. Besides this, the teachers’ kindness towards their students as well as sufficient facilities, also gives more advantage to Tadika Ria. Aidariani who is also a staff of Yayasan Sabah Group expressed her gratitude to the organisation for providing this facility. Tadika Ria’s location at the Yayasan Sabah Group headquarters makes it easier for her to visit her daughter during lunch breaks.

“I hope more activities can be provided to further engage children’s development and maintain the quality so that Tadika Ria continues to improve,” said Aidariani. She also suggested that the kindergarten improve in providing a more comfortable learning and teaching environment.

As for Joana Ginus, she said, “The learning process at Tadika Ria is excellent. However, it will be best if elements of technology can be incorporated as to keep up with the current development.”

According to Joana, her son, Sean Andderson Nelson, has become more confident after completing his preschool education at Tadika Ria, Yayasan Sabah Group. The young mother also praised the activities organised by Child Development Division Yayasan Sabah Group in conjunction with Hari Potensi which is a combination of three celebrations namely Reading Month, Independence Month and World Children’s Day. “Through this programme, our children are allowed to showcase their talents by participating in activities such as reading, colouring, singing, and storytelling. In my opinion, these activities will help our children to be more spirited and increase their confidence when facing the public,” explained Joana.

She added, “Besides building children’s confidence, preschool education can also tap into our children’s talents. It is more fun for them because they can also mingle with other children and learn together.”

According to Norzimah Mohamed Nun, the mother of Nur Auni Nathraa Jaafar, “I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the teachers at Taska Ria and Tadika Ria for educating my daughter. After attending preschool, Nur Auni quickly learned to be self-reliant, confident and able to read satisfactorily apart from learning and embedding moral values.”

On her perception of the quality of education provided by both Taska Ria and Tadika Ria, Norziman opined, “The level of education provided was excellent as it incorporates vital and beneficial aspects of children’s mental and physical development and growth.”

“The activities provided left a huge and positive impact on Nur Auni’s learning progress. The Hari Potensi programme, for example, created an atmosphere that allowed my daughter to be willingly confident in the participation of the Got Talent competition. This programme helped built confidence in her and being her mother, I felt thrilled and proud of her,” she added.

Norzimah also talked about the many advantages of sending her daughter to the preschools, which she maintained as having a proven-effective educational system quantified by the number of highly successful preschool graduates.

In proposing the improvements to be made on both preschools, Norzimah stressed on the need of setting up special classes for children with special needs, “This can help them study more comfortably and effectively thus, helping them develop the best possible understanding of their learning disabilities and needs.”

As for, Syaharuddin Mohd Amir, father of Mohd. Syahmi Daim, thinks that ‘Playing and Learning’ method practiced at Tadika Ria helped his son learn reading, counting, writing and colouring. “I observed that my son showed immense positive development after joining Tadika Ria,” he said happily.

 Syaharuddin also congratulated Yayasan Sabah Group for providing highly qualified and experienced teachers. He added, “The teaching techniques used are excellent and easy to understand. The teachers and staff of Child Development Division are also very kind and dedicated. I feel safe sending my son to Tadika Ria.”

Besides him, another parent, Fazli Sabrin, feels that besides an experienced team of teachers, the conducive environment of Tadika Ria also played a role in enhancing a child’s mind development. Hence, he hopes that Yayasan Sabah Group continues to emphasise preschool education for the children in Sabah.

At the moment, Fazli’s five-year-old daughter, Feeya Eshaal, is still attending Tadika Ria and he is happy with her development. “When I see Feeya being independent and knows how to do basic chores herself without help, I know that she is getting the best education,” he said.

“Since Feeya attended Tadika Ria Yayasan Sabah Group, she communicates better. Using the correct speech and sentences makes it easier for myself and her mother to understand Feeya well,” he said. With that, Feeya is friendlier and can mingle with others. 

According to Fazli, “Academically, Feeya now knows letters and numbers. This has allowed her to read and spell words easily.”

As for Rosmiah Sidi, mother of one of Tadika Ria’s students, she has seen a lot of improvements to her six-year-old daughter, Briana Au from Kelas Merak. “Since Briana joined Tadika Ria Yayasan Sabah Group, I have seen a lot of improvements in her academically and other outreach activities organised by Child Development Division,” said Rosmiah.

She also said, “I am pleased with Child Development Division for providing complete education for the children. The activities held also helped my daughter to become more confident in speaking, storytelling and become braver. Briana is also smarter in her words and is more active now.”

“Academically, I noticed that my daughter has become more fluent in reading and good in writing,” said Rosmiah.

She also shared her views on the advantages of Yayasan Sabah Group’s Tadika Ria and Taska Ria. “In my opinion, the teachers at Yayasan Sabah Group’s Tadika Ria and Taska Ria are the best because they are professional and patient in educating children. The activities held give opportunities to children to try something new besides uncovering their talents. My daughter has become more confident and a fast learner in reading and writing,” said Rosmiah.

“For future improvement, Child Development Division can add more weekly activities such as English, Bahasa Melayu, and Science classes,” she added. 

It has been nearly four decades since Yayasan Sabah Group through Child Development Division established Taska Kristal Ria and preschools in the rural areas besides organising courses in early childhood education, parenting seminars and publishing children’s books. Yayasan Sabah Group will continue to strive to improve the quality of preschool education in Sabah as an effort in assisting the Sabah State Government in creating a society that is outstanding in all aspects of life.


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