Nazi-style salute: UMS regrets grad's action
Published on: Wednesday, November 27, 2019
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KOTA KINABALU: UMS said it regrets a graduate’s action of making a Nazi-style salute during the convocation on Saturday and uploading it in social media.

Facebook has deleted the status.

It said the act does not reflect the views or opinions of the university but the personal views of the student and that UMS would take appropriate action to prevent such incident recurring.

A spokesman said all graduating students had been informed to look at the camera prior to receiving their scrolls but that the student in question did not follow instructions and went on to make the Nazi-style salute.

“The said graduate then decided to upload his act on Facebook along with his intended reason for acting in such a way,” the spokesman said.

The graduate posted a caption on his Facebook account under the name Ibn Ruru in praise of former German Chancellor Adolf Hitler who was responsible for the extermination of more than six million people, especially Jews, during World War Two.

In his page, Ibn Ruru said his reason was to show his support for the Palestine struggle against Israel.

“This Hitler symbol that I style on the sacred UMS stage is because the world is blind and deaf when Jews rule as if Islamic countries are clowns for the world’s entertainment.

“Therefore, in solidarity with Gaza and because of anger, hatred and vengeance towards Jews. Therefore, I thank Hitler for the Holocaust,” he wrote in Malay, hashtagging it #SaveGaza and #Pray4Palestine.


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