SESB preparing plan to improve supply in Papar
Published on: Monday, December 02, 2019
By: Sidney Skinner
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SABAH Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) hopes to improve the supply in Papar to deal with the increasing number of new commercial and residential properties around the district.

A SESB spokeswoman said the company was in the midst of preparing a “pelan pembangunan bekalan (supply development plan)” for this purpose.

“We foresee that the growth in Kimanis, Bongawan and Kinarut will take off once work on the Pan Borneo Highway is completed,” she said.

To this end, SESB had built a main distribution substation in Bongawan to co-ordinate the supply between Papar and Beaufort, according to her.

“The new installation also has the added affect of boosting the supply in Bongawan.”

On a complaint about the frequent blackouts around Papar, the spokeswoman said SESB took this matter seriously as the firm’s branch office was less than two kilometres away from the town.

“We are presently replacing our overhead lines in parts of the town with those which are insulated,” she said.

“We hope in this way to minimise any outages which occur when the branches of nearby trees come in contact with these cables.”

IAN of Papar claimed that the supply in his area was disrupted “almost daily” at night for between three to four hours each time.

“This has been going on for several months,” he said.

He claimed these outages occurred so often that it cast a pall on the service provided by the company.

“Several of the electrical appliances in my home have been damaged as a result of these outages,” he said.

“I want to know whether the company will consider helping me either replace or repair these items.”

Ian said he had been living in Papar for more than a decade.

“Back then, power disruptions only happened once in a while as there were not so many new shophouses being built.

“With the increasing number of commercial and residential developments in recent years, however, outages have been occurring more and more frequently.

“I wonder if the electricity supply in the district can keep up with the growing demand for power.”

He related his grievance to Hotline in writing. This letter was forwarded to SESB

The spokeswoman acknowledged receipt of this correspondence but said more details were needed for the firm to intervene.

 “He will have to specify the location of his home, as well as provide the time and date of the most recent outages, so that we can ascertain what is causing these irregularities,” she said.

“His input will also help us identify any problem areas around the district which require our attention.”

She said the resident would be required to furnish SESB staff with a police report about the damage to his electrical appliances, so that the firm could begin processing a compensation claim. 

Ian should liaise with Hotline to find out whom to see about this matter. (SS) 


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