Power thieves risk being fined RM100K
Published on: Monday, December 02, 2019
By: Sidney Skinner
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File photo shows SESB personnel cutting off illegal power cables during an operation at a village in Sandakan.
Those caught stealing electricity risk being fined RM100,000 under the Electricity Supply Act 1990.

“Offenders also face the possibility of having to serve a prison term of up to three years,” said a Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) spokeswoman.

She was responding to a complaint by a Sembulan homeowner who claimed that power theft was taking place in the area where he stays.

The individual provided Hotline with the location of this pilferage. This information was forwarded to the company.

She said SESB was in the process of conducting a preliminary investigation on this matter.

“Our surveillance team is keeping an eye on the area and will remove any attempts to tap our overhead lines.”

The spokeswoman cautioned the public about the negative consequences of making such illegal connections. 

“On top of risking electrocution, the perpetrators might also cause our system in the area to overload.

“This in turn could lead to a short circuit that might result in residential and business properties here catching fire.”

SHAFIE of Sembulan said he and his neighbours often had their supply disrupted.

“I suspect that this problem is a result of power theft because I have seen a cable running from the overhead lines, to some detached homes,” he said.

He claimed these electricity woes had been going for some time.  

Shafie said he voiced his misgivings to SESB staff who assured him that action would be taken.

“Several of my neighbours have made similar reports over the past few months.

“So far, however, the problem still persists.” (SS)


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