'Taking care of elderly our responsibility'
Published on: Monday, December 02, 2019
By: Lorena Binisol
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TP CLub members visited the Home in Purak Papar recently
Kota Kinabalu: Taking care of the elderly is the responsibility of every citizen, as they had done their part in contributing to nation building during their active years, said Emily Chong, the Chairperson of TP Club under the TP group of companies, a local developer. 

“In the early days they spend their  efforts in building and shaping our life, our community; thus it is our responsibility to repay them in their old age,” said Emily.

The 28-member staff entourage of TP Club carried out their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and this year chose to visit the Holy Family Residence Purak in Papar recently bringing cheers and joy to its advanced aged residents.

Emily said doing social community work is one of the objectives of TP Club which is being carried through every year.

“We will continue to visit homes that are in need of help as well as orphanage.  In the past, we have visited the children hospital in Likas by donating items, spending quality times with them and other Homes as well.

In fact, my boss Tan Sri Datuk Paul Lim has also granted scholarships in his personal capacity to the students with poor family background.

We will deliver our utmost best, in our own way to assist as many as we can,” said Emily, who led TP Club which was formed 25 years ago.

She said the company having been in business for more than 35 years and with the able leadership of Paul have achieved its acme success in the development industry; it is time to give back what they had gained throughout the years to the society.

“Paul put an emphasis on the importance of education as he said that is the only way to uphold, upgrade and sustain a person in this fast developing nation and world.  

At the same time, we also want to remember and show our appreciation to our advanced age community who had helped developed the nation building during their time,” she reiterated. 


 A club member feeding an elderly woman.

In the recent years TP Group had successfully expanded into other sectors such as construction & development, hotel operations & road maintenance, manufacturing, resources & logistics, plantations, trading and investment.

 Today, their activity expanded having its latest development in the construction of new hotel in Kota Kinabalu, the five-start Sheraton Hotel. 

Nevertheless, Emily had injected to its members to have the value of appreciating those ‘underprivileged’ community and to have obligation to assist them through charity works not only delivering donation goods, also to spend quality times with those in the categories.

“As some of us have never been here before (Holy Family Residence), we would like to give our staff some exposure to do community service.

 We are in the opinion that taking care of the elderlies is a responsibility that everyone should take. They have been contributing to the community at large by sacrificing their golden days and major part of their lives in building and shaping our life, and now it is our responsibility to repay them in their old age.

We also want to expose our colleagues to inculcate social responsibilities and the importance of caring for the elderly, listening to them, spending time with them, this is a very important value,” she insisted.

The group had earlier on repainted the external walls of the home and today the building looks fresh and new. 


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