Damaged, missing name, traffic signs in Manggatal not replaced
Published on: Thursday, December 05, 2019
By: Sidney Skinner
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The housing road-name sign is missing in this Manggatal neighbourhood.
A Manggatal resident has taken the City Hall to task for turning a blind eye to the damaged and missing name and traffic signs inside Taman Rimbunan Hijau.

DAMIEN said the sign along his housing road vanished one day three years ago and had not been replaced, despite his constant requests for this to be done.

“Last year, the name sign for another stretch in the area also went missing,” he said.

He felt that those, who were unfamiliar with the neighbourhood, located off Jalan UMS, would surely wind up losing their way because of this.

“I suspect that some residents might have missed out on getting important deliveries, be it mail or couriered items, made to their homes because of this situation.” 

Off late, he said he had noticed that even some of the existing traffic signs were damaged.


 Even the supporting pillar for the road-name sign has gone missing from here.

Damien said he had repeatedly informed City Hall about the irregularities involving the signs but, so far, nothing had been done. He first highlighted this problem to the agency in December 2016. 

When no action was forthcoming, he phoned them again in October 2017 and August a year later.

He claimed to have personally voiced his displeasure about lengthy hold-up to the Mayor at the agency’s “Hari Bertemu Pelanggan (Meet the People Day)” in February.

“The Mayor told me that it might be a lack of funding which was delaying the work,” he said. 

“Nevertheless, he promised to check with the relevant Department to find out what was going on.”

Damien said he phoned the agency in August after noticing that his complaints had yet to be dealt with.

“I was informed that two separate inspections had been carried out this year, in February and August. 

“On both occasions, the officers, who visited the neighbourhood, confirmed the problems I had raised and remarked that repairs were needed.

“The personnel, who carried out the second inspection, remarked that action had to be put on hold until next year, when a new budget was available.”


 The traffic-sign is damaged in this part of the neighbourhood.

He was at a loss to understand why City Hall had not budgeted for the repairs earlier, considering he first reported to this problem to the agency three years ago.

“I feel it is unfair of the agency to keep collecting assessment from the residents for services which are, at best, unreliable.” 

A spokesman for the agency said the relevant Department would be alerted to this matter.

“We will have to verify the resident’s claims, before taking steps to rectify this situation,” he said. (SS)


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