P’pang resident disgruntled over neighbour’s dog faeces
Published on: Friday, December 06, 2019
By: Oliver Voon
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A PENAMPANG homeowner is unhappy with her neighbour’s lackadaisical attitude in cleaning up the dogs’ faeces and urine in his own house compound. 

“There were days where I feel like vomiting because the smell was so overwhelming to the point that I could even smell it while I was in my house,” lamented ELSIE, who lives in Taman Grand Millennium. 

She said the neighbour  who reared several dogs including puppies, did not bother to clean the paved area where the faeces and urine were scattered on the ground. 

“The smell won’t be so bad if he washes the floor with a disinfectant because it will also reduce the smell and kill the bacteria that ends up inside the housing drain,” she added. 

 To make matters worse, he said the items which had been soiled by the canines, such as newspaper sheets, were not disposed of immediately. 

“Why did he leave the sheets which had been smeared with faeces on the floor for several days?,” she asked, adding that the former should have been more sympathetic to her repeated pleas to him about the stench. 

“The faeces are strewn about the compound, making it most uncomfortable for me and my family to be outside our home for very long.

“We have to keep our doors and windows closed to prevent the stench from coming in.”

She was also reluctant to entertain visitors in her home lest they remark about this problem.

“I have reported this to the District Council about three years ago but to no avail,” she said, when asked whether she had highlighted the matter to the authority concerned. 

A Council spokesman, when contacted recently, assured that its staff at the Health Section would be asked to verify the complaint soon as possible. 

“Allow us to check on this first before commenting further,” he added. 

He said it would meet with the pet owner concerned later to discuss about the issue. 

The outcome would be submitted to Hotline later.  (OV)


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