‘Disband’ low quality schools, says Philippine senator
Published on: Friday, December 06, 2019
By: Inquirer
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Photo Source: Inquirer
MANILA: If Philippine Senator Cynthia Villar will have her way, schools found to be “underperforming” may be disbanded by the Department of Education (DepEd), while those considered with high quality education will be given rewards.

“Schools with underperforming students should be disbanded,” Villar said.

“Those schools with bright students should hold national exams which will show their best students who should be receiving rewards,” she added.

The Senator also proposed to give incentives to high quality schools and disincentives to low quality schools so that schools in the country may wish to excel and improve.

“Give incentives to top performing schools and give disincentives to those weak schools so that they may wish to excel or challenged to be better,” Villar said.

The Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) recently released its 2018 results which showed that the Philippines gained lowest in reading comprehension and placed the second-lowest in mathematics and science.


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