Firm fixing pump problem at swimming pool in Kinarut apartments   
Published on: Saturday, December 07, 2019
By: Sidney Skinner
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A PROBLEM with the pump for the swimming-pool at some Kinarut apartments is preventing tenants and unit-owners from making use of this amenity.

A spokeswoman for the management company (MC) for the property said there was a delay in attending to the device as the firm had to call a quotation for the repairs.

“Once we have agreed to the cost of the work, the pump will be taken to a work shop,” he said.

“In the mean-time the pool water is chlorinated from time to time to minimise the growth of algae inside.”

When asked how long more apartment-dwellers would have wait before they could go for a dip in the pool, she declined to comment.

“This might only happen after we have cleared the huge amount owed in outstanding utility charges,” she said.

She refused to specify the extent of the debt which had been accrued.

NAS, who owns a third floor unit at the apartments, decried the swimming pool as being dirty.

“There is green scum floating on the surface of the water and mould has formed on the walls due to the lack of maintenance carried out on the pool,” she said.

“This amenity is unfit for us to use.”

She hoped the MC would step up efforts to clean the pool so that the public could use this facility comfortably. 

“I have made the firm’s staff aware about the poor condition of the pool on many occasions.

“The personnel assured me that action would be taken but, so far, nothing has been done.” (SS)


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